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A connection is a link between Dimdata and a 3rd party service or app. The OAuth 2.0 connection handles the token exchange automatically.

When working with the Dimdata APIs, your app will access Dimdata on behalf of your users. You'll need to have each user of your app sign into to grant your app permission to access their data on Dimdata.

Dimdata API is designed for application partners and customers.

Register your application


Dimdata supports OAuth 2.0 only. Before you start configuring your OAuth2.0 connection, you need to register your application via If you don't have a registered application or your application status is waiting for approval, you can use Postman for development purposes and testing APIs by follow Getting Started guide below. You also need an Dimdata account with any plan to test as end-user consent.

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Getting Started development with Postman

Authorization and request access token with Postman

Field Description
Grant Type Authorization Code (With PKCE)
Callback URL (Authorize using browser)
Auth URL
Access Token URL
Client ID postmanapi
Code Challenge Method SHA-256
Code Verifier Blank (Automatic)
Scope email dimdataApi


Scope offline_access is not allowed with this Client ID

Testing your authorization token by calling this API


Get customer account and user information

curl --location --request GET '/api/getuserinfo' \
     --header 'authorization: bearer [accesstoken]' \
200: OK Returns customer account and user information
400: Bad Request If customer not found